Collapsing at the door of the building and being placed in a wheel chair to just fall into a million pieces of glass inside at the sight of you lying there under the velvet coverlet, pale where you were not bruised. Brushing your hair from your face as I did when you needed soothing as a newborn, caressing your ear as if that would bring a smile to your black and blue waxen face. Holding you and them telling me ‘no no ‘  there was no way in hell they were going to stop me. You my first born I held you as you took your first look at the world and by God I was going to hold you one more time in death. My daughter my beautiful daughter the pain 13 months passed is no less now than then.

I promised I would make him pay and so far criminally it hasn’t been done and may never be, but I will keep your memory and name alive by posting it everyday so that thousands will see it. This promise I made then and I carry out everyday.