I felt your arms around me
your breath against my cheek
‘momma don’t cry, I’m okay
I am happy now , no longer in pain,
I didn’t know it was my time but oh
momma it will all be okay’,I held my breath
knees gone weak
relishing the feel of you holding me
giving me comfort my tears dropping
like rain.My love, my child, my daughter
I cried out as you slipped away
wanting a moment more
hearing the flutter of your wings
your soft whisper
‘I love you momma’ as I watched
the golden cord of life release your
spirit once again from earth
back to heaven.The sweet soft sound of “Thank  You Jesus,
I will be waiting momma’ , thank you Father

my heart breaks over and over with missing you
each day is a torment a struggle a burden
I know I should be happy your  in God’s home but
I miss you so much I just want to be with you hold you
tell you how much you meant to me. Oh my baby
my life will never be complete again.

My days and nights are filled
with memories of you and I miss our times together
I miss your smile  your laugh yes even your tears
I miss our momma time as you called it. I miss you my
beautiful angel. How long must I wait to see you again?